Fiscal Year 2016 - Select Comparisons

ALTUM +88%

S & P 500 +11.96%

SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI) -30.34%

Altum Research LLC Fund is not registered with any regulatory body and wasn't available for public participation.


Investment Style: Long-Short event driven

  1. Select a pool of optionable securities constituent of healthcare, medical devices, and resources sector, strictly optionable and liquid. 
  2. Perform thorough due-diligence (will not invest without >300 hours of due diligence):
    • Engage researchers, paper authors, lab technicians, undergraduates, PhD's in relevant early studies.
    • Engage management as well as ex-employees. Thoroughly scan for clinical-misrepresentations.
    • Proprietary crawler.
    • Probe sales channels and practices as well as KOLs.
  3. Write covered put(short) and call(long) options during overextended events long and short.

Benefits of employing covered derivative instruments: 

  1. Due to small fund size, provides cheap way of avoiding "what ifs" and allows forgoing profitable underlying equity.
  2. Reduced cost-basis on further out constituents as well as credit cash.
  3. Lowers over-trading as well as contributes to cash-heavy focus.
  4. Controlled drawdowns and healthy money weighted returns.